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I'd be a sole protestor of the sun-rail just to keep lindsay marks out of orlando if that truly is the only thing drawing her back.

Additionally, voters voted against the sunrail. Why is this being continually shoved down our throats?

Mass transit is available in Orlando, it's called the bus... which offers services for free in some cases. Why waste money on something we do not want, and have done fine without?

In a big city, there's warrant for it: DC, Atlanta, New York. Orlando is not a big city.

Also, getting to Tampa in an hour (when it only takes an hour and a half to drive there) seems to be a minimal benefit.

Screw off sunrail, and screw off young kids who think they know what is best for a community they aren't even living in.

Go back to facebook and your beer bong and leave things like this to the adults.

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